Welcome Back!

Cannabis Nurses Magazine welcomes you to our new website! We are grateful and honored to continue the vision and tradition of providing – Nursing, Professionals and Providers – a reliable resource for showcasing new; leading edge technology; emergent and immersive education programs; data resources, technology and information resources; career and networking opportunities; further empowering our colleagues – globally. Non-bias, non-filtered, non-stop.

As you can tell, we added a couple spaces to our domain name. You will also find we added a couple more spaces to our publications and we are in the process of remodeling our website to make room for more tools, more education and more clinical resources that will elevate and empower our network of professionals. Our ultimate goal is to improve patients’ quality of life! Our aim is to educate and empower Nurses, Medical and Holistic Professionals and Providers in the field with leading edge tools and proven methods, further strengthening the system and enhancing the lives of the patients we serve.

Stay tuned for new information and check back often for updates on the publication date of our next print issue. Big things are in store for Nurses!

We look forward to showcasing the future of Cannabis as a medicine and empowering a revolutionary approach to Holistic care in the process.

Letter from the Editor:


Cannabis Nurses Magazine is back! It is back under the control and core leadership of it’s Founder and will no longer be associated with previous brands, entities or organizations that have attempted to dilute the validity of our work as nurses and medical professionals forging a path to change.

Julie Monteiro, RN, BSK
Founder / Creative Director

As Nurses, we are trained to build bridges for our patients, not walls. At our core, we are expected to create solutions that embrace, enhance, empower and optimize the outcomes of our patients, not limit their options to a select few brands, retail outlets or clinics. I believe it is our ethical duty to ethically, knowledgeably and empathetically guide and educate patients, their families and their primary care Providers about the newest, most advanced and emergent ways to facilitate the improvement of a better quality of life and\or better navigate the most daunting paths of their (or their loved ones) symptom, ailment and\or condition management protocol, continuum throughout their hopeful recovery. Utilizing an unparalleled expertise, our team of educators develop and innovate leading edge educational solutions.

Knowing what to do for your patients, how to do it safely, effectively, and efficiently while definitively knowing which phytocannabinoid(s) each individual patient needs to avoid is crucial for any Clinician or Practitioner who integrates Cannabis into their practice of modalities. Regardless of what people want to believe, Cannabis is not a “cure-all”, and if we are going to use it widely, contraindications need to be investigated and patients should be guided in a responsible manner to ensure efficacy and safety. Cannabis Nurses Magazine takes a systematic approach to defining paths and emergent modalities to showcase, specifically to expand the options Providers have at their fingertips.

Cannabis Nurses Magazine is a bridge that empowers Providers with those resources, as well as a full suite of online, conference based and soon to be University based education – big things are coming for Cannabis Nurses Magazine. As one of the first healthcare publications to be created to specifically target the medical profession exclusively, Cannabis Nurses Magazine has become a guiding authority on phytocannabinoid / terpenoid therapeutics and using science, our Clinicians are improving outcomes and enhancing patients’ quality of life, everyday. I encourage you to join the revolution and empower yourself today through knowledge.

As a Pediatric ER Trauma Nurse, I instinctively take charge and when kids are having a potentially deadly seizure, or suffering from an unresponsive cancer, or intractable epilepsy – knowing what and who you can trust as your primary resource for education is paramount in a sea of fraudulent misinformation and financially motivated marketing campaigns. When I created Cannabis Nurses Magazine and published the first issue, I wanted to be that authority and resource for our Providers, because when I was first introduced to Cannabis, I had to immerse myself just to understand.

From my initial concept, Cannabis Nurses Magazine was envisioned to be a platform that bridged resources, connected professionals and boosted new specialties of nursing, backed by a global network of professionals. At present, it is with great honor that I invite everyone to get to know the newest evolution of Cannabis Nurses Magazine. We have strategically partnered with nonprofit organizations, research institutes and medical universities around the globe to collaboratively create a bridge to educate, empower and enhance the available tools our Nurses and Providers are able to access and use to learn, and practice, the most efficacious therapies and protocols that best optimize the outcomes of the patients we serve – not build brands for advertising dollars.

Forging a critical path, based on; forward thinking, transparency, integrity and collaboration; doesn’t make you many friends, but it makes you the right friends. I can say from experience that living with a disability and having to create the solutions you need to fill the gaps in the system – we are all forced to navigate as providers, and patients – it can be outright divisive. Please consider Cannabis Nurses Magazine, our conferences and our events a positive, neutral, judgement free, all-inclusive and drama-free zone. When considering coming to an event, remember: 1) If something isn’t helping the cause, it is hurting the cause. 2) If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right and need more “self-care” days, and a better stress-management plan. and 3.) En”Joy” life to its fullest and embrace the experiences you will gain.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.


Julie Monteiro, RN, BSK, Founder

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